"The Celestine Vision", James Redfield

Already more than 20 years ago James Redfield described with which problems our society would have to cope and even pointed out that there would be a big financial crisis. The 4 archetypes he describes and which we use as soon we are out of balance are very recognizable. By doing so we can loose friends, partners, our job...

"The Eighth Habit", Stephen Covey

After his bestseller "The Seven Habits", of which worldwide 12 milion copies were sold, in this book Covey clearly points out that we no longer live in the Industrial Age, when people were seen as machines to make money with. No, Covey claims, we are already in an new era, that of the "knowledge workers". An era in which people want to be inspired, experience passion and want to feel they matter and make a difference.

"Intuïtion Magic", Linda Keen

The book consists of two parts, a novel and a workbook. In the first you read how the main character learns all about the world of auras and chakras and finally becomes an energetic healer. The workbook describes all kinds of interesting exercises that work extremely well. The exercises are mostly based on visualisation, a very powerful method to relax, become well-balanced and improve your intuition.