Life today is more complex and can lead to high stress levels. It is easy to lose touch with our true selves.

However, we can learn how to relax more, to become more balanced and to find our personal skills and passion.

We provide an environment and the experts to help you manage stress levels and reassess your life goals. We will guide and help you reconnect with your inner self, to become aware of what empowers you and what you truly love to do.

With our method LevensLot you can take control back into your own hands, get a better view on your life priorities, have more energy and find (back) your creativity and ‘joie de vivre’. The relaxing influence of Domaine de Montsalvy will help you achieve these goals more easily.

Life Strategy & Coaching is interesting for a wide target group: is not making the right, energy-giving choices in life essential for everyone? This is certainly not easy, but we would like to help you with that.

For those that want to fully enjoy the good things in life, we also offer activities to enhance your ‘joie de vivre’, with themes like Creativity, Culture, Mindfulness & Health, Relaxation, Gastronomy and Friendship.

Life Strategy & Coaching is possible in a group, as a couple or as an individual.