In 2006 we left our life in The Netherlands for a completely new life in the south of France. Why? Because we thought it was time to make a switch from ‘Having’ to ‘Being’: less focus on materialism (money, status, image, influence, power) and more time for ourselves, our family and more freedom to do the things we like to do. So many people reacted enthusiastically and told us that they too would like to do a similar thing or at least change their way of life to try to get more out of it, but thought they could not or dared not….

Based on these reactions, Domaine de Montsalvy and its tranquil, serene surroundings as well as on our own experience and ideas, we decided to start with our Life Strategy & Coaching activities in France.

With these activities we aim to help others reach the insights that will enable them to live a happier life.