With this person-to-person approach we help people take important decisions or answer crucial life questions such as:
  • where do my biggest talents lie?
  • what kind of job would suit me best?
  • how can I find a better balance?
  • do I know my personal values?
  • do I realise what matters most to me?
  • how can I lead a(n even) nice(r) life?

Together we’ll look at the most important experiences in your life. Which ones led to success and when did you encounter failure? Is it possible to see a pattern in them and what can you learn from them?

We’ll introduce you to the successful method of LevensLot, which will show you what your personal values are, help you understand the options you have and the choices that go with them, thus creating a focus which enables you to clearly see the opportunities and possibilities you have at your disposal to achieve your goal.