Life Strategy & Coaching is meant for everyone who would like to get more out of life; we’re not only thinking of people:

  • who are looking for more quality time
  • who are looking to (re)determine their aims/goals in life and to base (new) choices upon them
  • who experience stress, want to alter this and are wondering how
  • who do not feel balanced and would like to get more energy

but also of:

  • entrepreneurs who would like to (re)orientate re. their company policy ánd who also want to look at their personal identity in relation to the identity of the company (if the personal identity does not correspond with the company’s there can be no personal balance and/or lasting success).

Of course it is also possible to combine Life Strategy & Coaching with a relaxing holiday on the domain. We are more than happy to give you any required information on these combi-holidays.