N. Baronnet-Fruges

“I am a Management Secretary and it’s a busy, demanding job. I found it very hard to stay focused and concentrated and I often experienced a lot of stress. Talking to Theo was extremely rewarding: he took my problem really seriously, carefully listened to what I had to say and gave good and valuable advice. He himself has a lot of experience working in several companies, so he could easily understand my situation and give me practical tips. He also knows how to be confronting without being threatening.

After having given me advice we stayed in touch on a regular base and in doing so he was a good sounding board to me. His remarks ref a career switch were also much appreciated. 

R. Eijkenboom

“After my first year as an independent entrepreneur I needed a coach who could serve as a sounding board. For me it was really important to find a good balance between my personal strengths and ambitions and my company’s vision and strategy. After the intake we quickly went to work and made a personal profile, based on my experience and position. I was impressed by how quickly Theo could define me as a person and manage to clearly make me realize what my personal ambitions and talents are. Beside all that I know now more than ever which factors are important for me personally in order to be successful not only in my company, but also within my close family. Summarizing, I can say that Theo, by asking the right questions and carefully interpreting the answers came up with some astonishing conclusions, which led to very positive results for my company Oak-Advanced Coating Solutions and for me, Rob Eijkenboom as a person ánd for my whole family.”

As a result, I can now deal really well with all the aspects of my busy job and have a clear idea of the other job possibilities I have. All in all, I am very satisfied with his approach!” 

Mr. & Mrs. Helwig

“We stayed at Domaine de Montsalvy with the intention to come up with a plan for our future. After a few days we came to new discoveries which we are now applying in our daily lives. The plans and ideas we had for our future are gradually becoming reality. The supportive tools that we discovered, together with Theo and Ellen, help us to go in the right direction. 

L. van Zandvoort

“After ten years as a Product-Manager in a confection company, I was ready for a new challenge, but found it extremely hard to choose the new direction. In intensive coaching sessions during a mid-week at the domain, Theo and Ellen clearly showed me all my possibilities. I learnt which aspects of my life (private as well as business) are essential to me. They gave me valuable and clear guidelines which I now use as a focus point and which enable me to more easily make better choices. I very much appreciated the coaching sessions thanks to Theo and Ellen’s open, personal and professional approach. You really feel you can openly discuss anything you like.

Beside all that, I truly enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, the tranquillity and the fantastic food. This together with the heart-warming hospitality shown to me by Theo and Ellen made my time with them unforgettable. I can most certainly recommend a stay at Domaine de Montsalvy!”